Personal Government Grants – Free Money to Pay Bills
Most of the time people face financial crunch these days. However it is also the after effect of the economic recession that people went through in the later half of the years 2008. However, the present government wants to help people out of that and come back to lead a normal life. Apply Today Before its Too Late >>>>>>
Government Grants - What are they and how to get them?

None of these Government Grants require a credit check, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, you can apply even if you have a bankruptcy or bad credit, it doesn't matter. Its Free Money Never Repay!

The Federal Government is Giving out over 155.5 billion dollars in Business Grants!

Receive Government Small Business Grants for virtually any type of business. Whether it is to start a business or expand your existing business there is money for waiting just for you. The Federal government provides this money to help existing small business owners and those who want to start their own business change their lives and achieve financial independence.
The United States Government wants your Small Business to succeed and you will be amazed at the lengths they will go to help ensure your success.

At Grant Seeker we have designed a State of the art software program that will aid you in locating the perfect grant or grants for your small business!

Once you find the programs for Small Business Grants that fit your needs you can use the Grant Seeker software program to complete the applications! Don't forget to use your Grant Seeker Pro® to complete your business plan also!

Facts About Government Business Grants:

Over 20 million people gets Government grants every year
Over 10 BILLION dollars for entrepreneurs in the form of Low Interest Small Business Loans.
4,000,000 people get money to invest in real estate!
Did you know that if every business in America were to apply for and receive an equal share of Government Small Business Grants that each and every business in this great country would receive a $70,000 free cash grant?
Did you know that H. Ross Perot has received Government Small Business Grants?
Did you know Paul Newman has received Business Grants.
Did you know Donald Trump has used Small Business Grants to fund many programs.
Most recently the airlines have received Billions in grants to make sure they stay afloat through these troubled times.
Learn about complicated Tax Refunds or Tax Credits. These are programs largely overlooked by the Small Business owner. At tax time these special incentive programs can (depending on the size of your business) save you tens of thousands of dollars!

In spite of the perception that people should not look to the government for help, the great government give-away programs have remained so incredibly huge that if each of the approximately 8 million businesses applied for an equal share, they would each receive over $70,000.

Thought Affirmative Action was dead? If you did you thought wrong. Though many of the catch phrases are no longer in use most of the money that was available still is.Every year Congressmen and Senators make promises to the people that put them in office. Many of those promises are made to minority groups in specific areas but most are made at a National level.There are also Reserved Free Government Cash Grants now available for the following special interest groups. American Indians, Veterans, Family Members of Veterans, Low Income Families, Community Block Grants, Non Profit Organizations, First Time Home Buyers, Artists, Musicians, Nurses, Teachers, Researchers, The Disabled, People Suffering From HIV and AIDS, Substance Abuse. There are literally Millions Available; All you have to do is ask!

Can You Imagine receiving:

One Billion Dollars in Minority Business Grants for business start up!
Millions in Minority Business Grants to expand your existing business!
Receive $8,000 in Minority Grant for Free Legal Advice!
Millions Available In Minority Grants for the purchase of your first home!
Receive $75,000 Housing Grant to Remodel Your House!
Receive $6,000 in Minority Scholarship Grants for College Tuition!

Applying for a Grant - Where and How

Applying for a grant used to be a difficult and tedious process. The applications were long and often difficult to obtain. Even worse, loans used to be difficult to locate. Unless you were extremely familiar with government loan programs, in all likelihood, finding a grand and applying for a grant meeting your specific needs may have been nearly impossible to find.

Fortunately, that has changed in recent years., a web site listing all available government grants, was created as part of the President's Management Agenda (PMA) and related e-Government Strategy. is one of 24 PMA initiatives devoted to improving services offered by the government over the Internet. According to, the site was created as a partnership with the 26 Federal agencies that offer grant programs. It is organized by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, which is also the largest grant-making agency.

By visiting Available grant money, it's easy to see how simple it is to apply for a grant. Gone are the days of preparing extensive paperwork and printed documentation, as well as mailing the paperwork to the agency awarding the grant. Instead, applying for a grant is now done electronically through the site, offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to flawlessly submit a grant application online.

There are five steps involved at in applying for a grant.

1. Find an appropriate grant opportunity in which you'd like to apply.

Visit Available grant for specific information on grants available to you. Be sure you meet all criteria, or your time spent will be wasted because your application will be voided in that instance. Jot down the grant's CFDA Number or Funding Opportunity Number, which will be needed for Step 2, below.

2. Download the application package.

Once you've determined which grant or grants you'll apply for, you're ready to download your grant application package. Visit Available grant money for information. Your first step is to download PureEdge Viewer, which is a free software package required for filling out the application. The software is available to both Macintosh and PC users. Instructions are included as to how to install and use the software. After installing PureEdge Viewer, you're ready to download your specific application package. Have the grant's CFDA Number or Funding Opportunity Number for this step, which should have been obtained in Step 1, above.

3. Register with Central Contractor Registry.

Grant applicants need to be registered with CRR prior to submitting a grant application through By registering with the CCR, the organization is required to designate an e-Business Point of Contact (EPOC) According to, the EPOC is the sole authority of the organization capable of designating or revoking an individual's ability to submit a grant application on behalf of their organization through The CCR also provides organizational information that uses to verify an applicant's identity and to pre-fill repetitive information on grant application, which will ultimately save you time in applying for a grant.

4. Register with Credential Provider. employs the use of e-Authentication to ensure the security of your information that is submitted electronically in an application. e-Authentication is done through the use of Credential Providers. It is the process of determining, with certainty, that the person applying for the grant is who they are claiming to be in the application. The Credential Provider for is an organization called Operational Research Consultants (ORC). When you, as a grant applicant, are applying for a grant, you'll receive a username and password, which is then used to register with as an authorized organization representative, or in other words, as an individual designated as authorized to submit grant applications for your business or organization through Once you've registered as an authorized organization representative, your EPOC is asked to validate the registration. Once your EPOC validates the request, the individual requesting authorized organiza!

tion representative's status for your organization will receive a notification via email confirming that you're not able to submit grant applications electronically through, which is the fastest and easiest way to expedite your grant application.

5. Register with

As mentioned, when applying for a grant, it is necessary to register with as an authorized organization representative in order to submit a grant application electronically. According to and their instructions file, the E-Business Point of Contact (EPOC) listed on an organization's Central Contact Registry (CCR) registration will receive email notification stating that the grant applicant has registered to submit grants. The EPOC will then need to log onto the EBiz section of and assign the "Authorized Applicant" role to the grant applicant. Once the EPOC does this, the applicant will receive email notification stating that they have been designated as an AOR and will be able to submit applications through

While there are many steps involved in applying for a grant, doing so online will move the process along much smoother and quicker than through traditional paperwork applications. The site offers user-friendly instructions and support tools, including a tutorial, a help section, a user guide, a quick reference section, and a frequent questions and answers section. Through this information, most questions and problems are addressed, and where something unusual occurs, personalized support is also available through the contact center.

Grants For Single Mothers

If you are a single mom and struggling to get by, you are not alone. Whether you are going through a divorce or the father is absent most single mother face the burden of supporting themselves and their children all on one income.Only fifteen percent of women going through a divorce are awarded any form of court-ordered spousal support.
Thirty-four percent of those women never receive what is due to them.

Less than half of the women who claim child support ever receive the full amount.
Within the first year of divorce a women's average standard of living falls forty-five percent while a man's will grow fifteen percent.

What are grants?

A grant is an award of financial assistance. The primary purpose of a grant is to transport a thing of value from a Federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or incentive authorized by a law of the United States. A grant is distinguished for a contact, which is then used to acquire property or services for the Federal government's direct use or benefit.
Grants are associated by company, state, local or tribal government, research institution or academia, not-for-profit, or any other kind of institution.Grants for single mother can be found on one of the 900 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. These programs fall into 21 broad categories defined by the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. Agencies may fall under multiple grant categories. Below is a list of categories where grants for single mother may be found:

Business and Commerce
Community Development
Consumer Protection
Disaster Prevention and Relief
Employment, Labor, and Training
Environmental Quality
Food and Nutrition
Information and Statistics
Law, Justice, and Legal Services
Natural Resources
Regional Development
Science and Technology
Social Services and Income Security
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If you are a single mother seeking help with funding for your higher education you should consider exploring financial aid options such as contacting your financial aid office where you attend school. Ask about:

Direct financial assistance from your college
Federal and state subsidized grants
Work-study programs
Support from alumni, local clubs, or religious groups,
Corporate-sponsored scholarships or tuition-aid programs for employees or for children of employees
Who can apply for grants?

If you are a citizen of the United States or a U.S. territory, or are a foreign national who has lived in the United States or a U.S. territory for at least three years immediately preceding an application, you are eligible to apply for a grant.

How do I prepare an application?

Each grant program has special instructions and program guidelines on how to properly prepare an application. Make sure to review these carefully before beginning your application for any important information about the focus of the program, eligibility requirements, and the types of funding available.

Free Money Through Grants: Fact or Fiction?

It's posted all over the Internet. You hear it on the radio, and see it on television. The United States government is giving away free money in the form of federal grants. While it's true that the government does indeed award $400 billion annually through its 26 federal entities, the statement of free money through the government doesn't exactly pinpoint the definition of a federal grant.

A grant isn't a gift or a free-for-all giveaway. It also doesn't mean that if you've been awarded a grant, you've won the lottery. According to American Government and Politics by Jay M. Shafritz, a grant is "a form of gift that entails certain obligations on the part of the grantee and expectations on the part of the grantor." The key word in this definition of the word is obligations. Getting a government grant will get you an unbelievable amount of obligations, and not fulfilling your obligations will, in turn, grant you legal problems.The majority of federal grants that are awarded are the farthest thing from being considered free money. Grants are most often awarded to organizations planning major projects to benefit a community. It could include money to be used for repaving streets in a city. A grant could also be awarded for a nonprofit organization featuring an art exhibit or musical performance. Grants are also awarded for technological research, conservation, and flood control projects. While there are other sources that are awarded grant funding, in general, the free money aspect is lost, and individuals, in general, are not qualified for most grants other than those used for educational purposes such as to pay tuition bills for higher education. Businesses can also tap into the federal grant program, but only by meeting strict criteria through the government agency offering the grant, such as if grant funding is available for research in a particular area that is of specialty to that business.

Once the free money is provided through the grant, the organization that has been awarded the free money must keep careful track of all project expenditures. Organizations that are awarded free money must be prepared for detailed audits, which will be conducted by the Federal government annually or more often. Any money not spent and accounted for goes back to the United States Treasury, and is not extra free money for the organization. Detailed program goals must be developed, approved, and completed by the organization exactly as specified in the grant application without exception. Any unforeseen project changes that occur along the way must receive prior approval by the government agency that awarded the grant. All project phases must be completed as planned, and even more importantly, completed successfully and on time.

The free money offered through a grant program can lead to financial and legal disaster to an organization that does not abide by the strict rules that the grant holds. By failing on a part of the obligation agreed upon when the grant is approved, the organization and/or persons in charge are held accountable. Penalties can range from economic sanctions to prison in the instance of improper use or theft of this free money.

The majority of grants, or free money, that is requested is applied for and awarded to other Federal agencies, state governments, city governments, colleges, universities, and research organizations and businesses. Few individuals have the money, time, and expertise necessary to prepare adequate applications that are awarded free money through federal grant funding. Most active grant seekers, such as universities, employ full-time grant writers to do nothing but apply for and administer Federal grant funding. A full staff of grant writers is not uncommon at a large university.

Because this free money through Federal grants is carefully monitored, the truth is that the money isn't actually free. Applying for Federal grants takes an unbelievable amount of time. Additionally, by even unintentionally not abiding by the grant's requirements, as mentioned, an individual that is unfamiliar with the Federal government's grant programs can find themselves in a financial or legal disaster. With Federal funding cutbacks and the competition for grant fundings becoming more intense, seeking free money through a grant requires not only time, but also money, with no guarantee of success.

Stating it plainly, Federal grants and free money are fictitious. Often, it's more work, not to mention more time and money spent obtaining a Federal grant, than obtaining a low interest loan. Large organizations, such as universities, can benefit from grant funding much easier because they can apply for multiple grants at once, and a skilled, knowledgeable staff can monitor the grant's use carefully. A small business or organization may not see as much success in obtaining a grant due to the time needed to apply, monitor funds, and prepare materials for auditing.

The plain truth is that with federal funding cutbacks and competition for them becoming more intense, seeking a federal grant always requires a lot of time and potentially a lot of money up front with no guarantee of success. Dedication is needed, and is the most important part of attempting to obtain free money through grant funding.

Seeking Grant Proposals-I need money

An essential part of fundraising is writing grant proposals and grant applications. An effectively written grant application can result in large sums of money for your fundraising group. Grant applications can be a long and tiresome journey, but in the end it will be worth it for your group! In the following article, we are going to help you understand grants and what they entail.

Grant Applications Broken Down

Most grant applications will include some or more of the following components:

Letters of Reference - letters from those who can testify to your experience and good character.
Formal Proposal - a detailed explanation of what the grant money will be used for.
A Business Plan - detailing the finer points of your financial needs.
A List of Resources - detail the resources you have, and the resources you need.
Complete list of Group Members - including both workers and volunteers.
Goals and Plans - detail the short and long term goals of your group.

The grant application will list all the material and documents needed for submission. It is vitally important that you follow all the directions exactly as they are stated when filling out the grant application.

One mistake could make the difference between getting the grant and getting turned down. Many grant providers reject applications that didn't take the time to follow the directions when submitting their application. Prior to submitting your grant application have someone in the group proof read it and make sure that all the information is correct and in order. After staring at the same document for days on end, it becomes difficult to notice any mistakes.
Your grant application should stress the importance of your cause and the necessity of the grant. How many people are you expecting to be able to help?

How will this project benefit them? The more compelling your application is, the more likely you are to receive the grant money. Most importantly, grant providers want to make sure the money is going to be used wisely and appropriately. To help your cause, make sure you describe your goals and focus in clear detail.Lastly, take time and fill out your application with precision.

Don't rush through it, or you are bound to make some mistakes. Give yourself enough time to provide all of the financial documents that are requested, and be sure to have someone proofread it prior to submitting! A well-written application will stand out above the rest!

Applying for a grant is a great way for single mother in debt to get out of debt and stay out.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Debt Relief Government Grant - Why Grants May Be the Answer

Government grants may be the answer to that age old problem of over spending. Over spending happens when an individual cannot control their spending habits. The recent news that the government is in the business of debt relief government grant giving has those who are familiar with this practice gnashing at the teeth to become part of it.

Everyone would like the opportunity to receive some free cash and the only obligation for that cash is that they spend it on their debt. That would naturally have to mean that they would have extra money to spend on other things that they would like to purchase.

With the debt relief government grant opportunity available to those who qualify it is not that hard to understand that many of those folks will be taking the government up on the offer and considering grants to be the answer. The question has to be where is all this money coming from?

Taking a look at how government operates will give a pretty good picture of the source of funding for this government giveaway program. The first place to look is at a most recent pay check stub. Of course, taking a look at those from years past could be examined as well.

Somewhere on the check stub is listed all the taxes that are withheld from the money that has been earned over a pay period. These are called withholding taxes and include FICA, as well as federal income tax. Government has no other resource for gathering money except from the taxpayer. That would seem to indicate that the individual taxpayer is actually paying for debt relief government grants. Ask yourself are grants the answer?

With that in mind, it is not hard to understand that taxpayer money is being given out as assistance for debt relief to selected individuals. If the government were able to gather funds on its own would not so disproportionate. The fact is that relief government grant money is coming right out of the pockets of some folks that may be needed as much as those who are receiving it.

Considering all the implications of the above, it is wise, that any individual who is seeking debt relief government grant money take their time and mull over their choices thoroughly before making a decision that could affect so many of their fellow citizens. Are grants the best answer?

We live in a society today that honors conservative values and benevolent attitude. It is important to bear in mind that the average citizen has just so much that they can spare, especially when it comes to their finances, so the Robin Hood mentality has its limits.

NOTE: Getting a debt relief government grant is the easiest way of becoming debt free in the shortest span of time.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Can Help Repair Your Credit Score

Do you feel stressed out while paying your debts? Are you unable to handle the prevailing expenditure? Several people are there like you, so you don't have to worry much. You can take the help of the credit card debt consolidation services they might be capable of helping you out.

Do you feel stressed out while paying your debts? Are you unable to handle the prevailing expenditure? Several people are there like you, so you don't have to worry much. You can take the help of the credit card debt consolidation services they might be capable of helping you out.

The credit card debt consolidation loans can help out the customers to move all the debts into one particular loan. By this you can unite different credit card loans into a particular loan that too with a low interest rate. The people who are sinking under debt for them this option is a very practical one. If you resort to this kind of services then you will be able to shift all the balances of your different card loans for which already you are giving a high rate of interest into one sole credit card that too with a low rate of interest. This type of debt consolidation loan eliminates your tensions of handling the creditors along with their irritating phone calls, you also don't have the headache of remembering the dates of paying your debts of several credit cards wit their various rates of interests.

Not only the economic load increases with the credit card debt but it also decreases a person's credit score. You should be careful about the shortening of the credit scores. There are few lenders who need the credit scores for granting the the debt consolidation loans. Several reasons that are liable for the debt of the card, are as follows:

Having many credit cards

Using your credit card at a high rate of interest
Usage of credit card as a resource of earnings

Exceptional monthly fees

Thus, the amount of the loan must be just the same as to give the bills of your cards along with other debts that are unsecured. While making the payments if you decide to pay an extra amount every month than the minimal amount then the main amount will be cleared faster and the loan dues will also be cleared soon. Your credit score will also be surely raised, it will also become easier for you to get the credit along with good terms and conditions in the future. You must make sure that you should not carry on with irregular expenditure practices because that can end up with a worst result debt condition for you.

Now a day, there is a huge competition going on in the market of the credit card debt consolidation loans. So it has become very easy to get a perfect card debt consolidation loan in your favorable terms and conditions. The best thing for you will be if you can collect all the facts from all the different lenders, after that you can compare thoroughly about the different card debt consolidation loans.

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Apply Federal Stafford Loans from

Apply Federal Stafford Loans from

Federal Stafford Loans

Federal Stafford loans are fixed-rate student loans for undergraduate and graduate students attending college at least half-time. Stafford loans are the most common and one of the lowest-cost ways to pay for school.

Learn more about Stafford Loans.

Update: Stafford loan interest rates for 2012-2013 are currently unknown. The bill which lowered rates to 3.4% will expire July 1, 2012 and without action from congress, rates will double to 6.8%. For up-to-date information on this issue, check out the Student Loan Network Blog.

Stafford Loans for
Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Stafford loans have a fixed interest rate as low as 3.40%. Stafford loans can be used to pay tuition and other school expenses.

Learn More | Get Started
Stafford Loans for
Graduate Students

Graduate Stafford loans are available for students attending grad school at least half time. Students can borrow up to $20,500 per school year.

Learn More | Get Started

Find and Compare Private Student Loans works with the nations leading private loan lenders. When federal aid isn't enough to cover the true cost of your education, we can help you find the right private student loans to meet your financial aid needs.
College State:
College Name:
Federal Stafford Loan Repayment Program
After graduation, be sure to remember your federal student loans. Think about your Stafford loan repayment options. When you consolidate your Stafford loans, you are locking in today's low rates and combining multiple Stafford loan payments into one lower monthly payment. Teachers, counselors and other public service professionals may qualify for Stafford Loan forgiveness programs.
If federal student loans are not enough, consider a private student loan to cover your excess costs.
From the Stafford Loan Blog
 Stafford interest rates still in limbo
- On Tuesday, the Senate voted on the future of Stafford Loan interest rates. The rates for subsidized loans are currently at 3.4%, but without action from the go...
 President Obama slow jams the student loan news
- I'm pretty sure the title of this post just about says everything I need to say about the following video. Obama + Student loans + music + Jimmy Fallon = Magic.

Read the latest Stafford Loan news

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